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Stay Out Stay Alive

SOSA Event Photo Gallery
South Park Middle School
in South Park, Pennsylvania

On May 18, 2011, Debbie Tomko and Roger Rude visited South Park Middle School in South Park, Pennsylvania to speak about mine safety through the "Stay Out-Stay Alive" program. There were two 45-minute sessions of 5th graders totaling 183 students. They began the first portion of the program by showing the students the "Stay Out-Stay Alive" DVD. After the movie, Debbie and Roger spoke to the students on the many dangers that various types of mines present and their experiences when entering mine facilities. Debbie also showed the students the protective gear that is used at the mine and talked about the training received to perform her job in a safe manner. Four students had the opportunity to try on the protective equipment. As usual, the students had many questions about experiences in the mine. These 5th graders had recently visited NIOSH's Safety Research Coal Mine, located near their office at the Bruceton Facility, which enhanced the enthusiasm of the students. Stickers, literature, coloring books, and crayons (provided by MSHA), and coal samples (provided by NIOSH) were brought to the school to distribute to the students after completion of the program.

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