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Stay Out! Stay Alive!
Stay Out! Stay Alive!
Near Misses
Incidents that could have resulted in a fatality, but did not.

August 16, 2009
Man Rescued From Quarry

A Minnesota man was apparently saved from drowning by a bystander at a recreational area just south of Northwood.

Worth County Chief Deputy Dan Fank said the man was pulled from the water at Kuennen's Quarry about 5:04 p.m.

Few details were known last evening. The man's name, age or who pulled him from the waters were not known at the time the Globe Gazette talked to Fank. Another bystander called authorities when he saw the man struggling in the water.

The man was taken to Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa'just to be seen; he was up and walking around at the scene' and did not think the man was injured.

The quarry is a popular recreational spot, but does not have a lifeguard and people swim at their own risk.

Source: Globe Gazette