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Mine Hazard Awareness Campaign

"Near Miss" Incident Information File

A local teen is lucky to be alive after falling some 160 feet into the darkness of an old mine shaft in a wooded area just south of Burnside, Pa. The 18-year-old male escaped with virtually no injuries after quick and heroic action by rescue personnel, including an emergency medical technician who repelled into the shaft to help the rescue. The youth, who was cited by state police for underage drinking, fell into the shaft as he explored the area while attending a mountain party nearby. He suffered minor injuries, but refused medical treatment. The mine opening is about 30 feet from the surface of the ground and is surrounded by a subsidence about 30 feet in diameter. While one side of the subsidence is a straight dropoff, the other side slopes in, with some partially uprooted trees at the edge of it. The teenager had reportedly climbed part way into the subsidence and was holding onto the base of one of the trees when he slipped and slid down the flat rock face into the deep hole. (Source: Shamokin News Item)