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Stay Out Stay Alive Fatal Accident Summaries
for 2005


A 34-year-old man drowned in a Pennsylvania quarry man after taking a high dive near some jagged rocks. The man's body was retrieved by divers later in the evening. Two boys -- both under 18 -- had been visiting the popular Bellafonte Quarry with the victim. They apparently tried to rescue the man by themselves.

Following the incident, Spring Township police stepped up patrols of the quarry, in part using a helicopter to monitor trespassing activities from overhead. State police said they have noticed a recent surge in trespassers at the site and have been trying to crack down. No-trespassing signs surround the 80-year-old quarry, which is rumored to hold junk cars and an old railroad car on its deep bottom. Abandoned decades ago, it attracts not only swimmers but also rock climbers.

A number of deaths have been logged there. In June 1996, an intoxicated 24-year-old jumped into the water, hit his head on a limestone ledge and drowned. A Bellefonte teenager died there in July 1978 after he became wedged among some rocks and drowned. (Source: