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Accident Information File

A 12-year-old boy drowned in a quarry at Pamperin Park in Howard, Wisc. The Brown County Sheriff's department said the boy couldn't swim but jumped into the water with a friend Sunday evening. A call for help came in around 5:30 p.m., and authorities said they could hear the boy screaming for help in the background over the phone. Police said that when the boy jumped in, he panicked. His friend quickly flagged down a park employee who jumped in and tried to save the boy. Divers with the sheriff's department searched the quarry and found the boy's body about an hour later. It happened in a somewhat secluded area at the back of the park. The quarry isn't easy to get to by car, but very easy to get to by foot. "No Swimming" signs are posted at the park, but people do it anyway, and on a hot day it can be very tempting to jump in. (Source: WBAY-TV, Green Bay)