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There may be an easier way to use this data!
MSHA now offers data sets through its Open Government data initiative. The information provided is the same, but in a more user friendly fashion, complete with data descriptions. Please take a look at MSHA's Open Government data sets..

The Master Index File, which was originally created in the 1970’s, contained many Mine-IDs that were invalid.  Mine Ids have been removed from the file that were duplicate ID requests, IDs requested in error, IDs requested for planned mining projects that did not proceed, and clerical errors.   MSHA removes invalid IDs from the Master Index File upon discovery.  The master file name is MIF.exe. Just copy this to the directory of your choice and then use a file manager and double click on the file name or go to the DOS prompt and type MIF. This will expand this file and provide you all the data.

Download Master Index File (The 2nd Qtr 2023 files were updated 8/1/2023)