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Mining Industry Accident, Injuries, Employment,
and Production Data

Source and Scope of Current Data and Definitions of Terms

Data in this directory is from the U.S. Dept. of Labor publication, "Mine Injuries and Worktime, Quarterly". Published five times yearly, four quarterlies provide current, cumulative, and preliminary data; the fifth provides final, calendar year data.

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Injuries are divided into 3 categories:

    FATAL (work-related injuries resulting in death to employees on active mine property);

    NONFATAL, DAYS LOST (NFDL) cases (occupational injuries that result in loss of one or more days from the employee's scheduled work, or days of limited or restricted activity while at work);

    NO DAYS LOST (NDL) cases (occurrences requiring only medical treatment - beyond first aid). "Incidence rates" are the number of injuries in a category times 200,000 divided by the number of employee-hours worked.
"Hours Worked" are the number of hours the employees were physically exposed to the work environment.

"Work Environment" is the area of the mining site at which the employee works.

Coal data are separated into hard coal "Pennsylvania anthracite", and soft coal, "Bituminous", which also includes lignite and brown coal. "Coal production" is in short tons (2000 avoirdupois pounds) of clean coal produced, not stockpiled. Other canvasses shown are: Metal, Nonmetal, Stone, and Sand and Gravel.

Beginning in 1983, reporting requirements for contractors performing certain types of "high hazard" work (such as drilling and blasting, equipment repair) on mine property were changed and thus their data are shown separately.

"Accident Classification" categorizes the accident situation, not the resultant injury.

Write at address above for Part 50 regulation and PC 7014 for extended statistical definitions.

FILE NAME: WQ934T01 and WQ934T02 refer to 4th Quarter, 1993 national mining statistics.

FILE NAME: WQ941T01 and WQ941T02 refer to 1st Quarter, 1994 national mining statistics.