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Action Level

30 CFR 62.120


30 CFR §62.120 Action level
If during any work shift a miner's noise exposure equals or exceeds the action level the mine operator must enroll the miner in a hearing conservation program that complies with §62.150 of this part.


MSHA's definition of action level can be found here: Action Level


MSHA policy regarding this standard can be found here: Noise Enforcement Policy


This standard applies to surface and underground metal and nonmetal and coal mines.


Other relevant MSHA standards:

62.150 Hearing conservation program

Issues to Consider in Determining Compliance:

        Did the miner's noise exposure meet or exceed the action level?

        Does the mine operator have a system of monitoring that sufficiently evaluates each miner's noise exposure to determine continuing compliance?

        Is a hearing protector provided to each miner whose noise exposure equals or exceeds the action level?

        Does the mine operator offer miners the opportunity for audiometric tests at no cost? 

        Are affected miners notified in writing within 10 days of the results of their audiometric test? 

        Is training provided within 30 days of a miner's enrollment into a hearing conservation program? 

        Are required records available for review by authorized representatives of the Secretaries of Labor and Health and Human Services?