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Call the House

Including the miners' families in the safety program often proves quite effective. This program is designed to do just that. The miners are given a slogan or safety message to take home to his or her family. After a day or two, the safety director randomly selects and calls miners houses and asks whoever answers the call to identify the slogan. If they correctly answer the question, a prize (ball cap, jacket, gift certificate, etc.) is sent to the winner. Wives, husbands, and children are brought into the safety program this way. (When one mine used this contest an employee added the slogan of the month to his answering machine message in case his house was called while nobody was home.)

Note: It is wise to develop a quick way to identify the call as part of the contest. A call from the mine can cause stress if the family member jumps to the conclusion that a call from the mine means something is wrong.