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MSHA's Safety Targets Program
Hit By Underground Equipment

Miner's Tips

Miner's Tips - Suggestions directed to individual miners to enhance personal safety.

         Bridge Crossing

         Cable Handling, Remote Control Continuous Miners

         Designate Someone

         Longwall Move Safety Shield Transportation

         The Middle of the Remote Control Continuous Miner is not a Safe Place

         Scooping in the - Right Direction -

         'stop, Scan & Plan -

         Tramming Safety Using Remote Controls

         Tramming While Positioned Within the Turning Radius of the Remote Control Continuous Miner Can be Fatal

         Turning a Remote Control Continuous Miner

         When Radio Signal is Lost, Don - t Approach Remote Control Continuous Miners

         - Work Experience Around Machinery -

         Working in Low Coal

         Underground Rail Haulage Hazards

Hit By Underground Equipment

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