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MSHA's Safety Targets Program
Hit By Equipment (Surface - Metal/Nonmetal)

From January 2000 to December 2008, there were 16 fatalities related to accidents involving miners who were hit by mobile equipment on the surface at metal/nonmetal mines. Eight of these fatal accidents were the result of end loader /pedestrian collisions and six of the fatal accidents were the result of some other type of mobile equipment/pedestrian collision. One of the fatal accidents occurred when a pick up truck was run over by an end loader and one fatality occurred when a miner was run over by his own dozer. The contributing cause for the majority of these accidents was a lack of positive or certain communication.

MSHA believes that most these types of accidents can be prevented if operators follow the simple rules outlined in this "Hit by Equipment (Surface)" package.

MSHA is distributing this information to increase hazard awareness amongst miners that operate surface mobile equipment and/or work around surface mobile equipment (i.e. walk or work around surface mobile equipment, operate light vehicles using the same roads and/or interact with surface mobile equipment). Please use this information to increase awareness and assist in training miners who work around these types of machines.

Please review this information with miners in your operation and learn about accidents involving being hit by underground mobile equipment. MSHA hopes that this information will help you take measures to prevent you and other miners from being involved in similar accidents, remember "The life you save may be your own."

Please share this information with your co-workers and discuss it at safety meetings. If you have questions or need additional copies of this information, please contact Michael Getto by phone
at 304 547 2303 or by email at

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