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MSHA's Safety Targets Program
Maintenance in Coal Mines

Miners' Tips

Miner's Tips - Suggestions directed to individual miners to enhance personal safety.

         Ask Someone Who Knows

         Battery Safety

         Be Aware of Electrical Hazards

         Blocking Raised Equipment

         Bulk Truck Maintenance

         Crusher Maintenance

         Diesel Filter Fires

         Don - t Get Caught in a Moving Conveyor

         Electrical Lockout and Tag

         Electrical Testing Safety

         Energized Receptacle Hazards

         Exploding Tire Hazard

         Get Out And Look

         Good Work Procedures

         Hand Operated Ratchet Hoists - Come-a-longs

         Hand Signals for Lifting Equipment

         Hand Tools - Bars

         Hand Tools - Hammers

         Hand Tools - Jacks

         Hazards of Acetylene Gas

         Making Hydraulic Hoses

         Mowboard/Moldboard Repairs

         Multi-Piece Rim Wheels

         Multimeter Safety Tips

         Oxygen/Acetylene Safety.

         Proper Lifting

         Pressurized Fittings

         Reading and Understanding the Operation and Maintenance Manual

         Tanker Safety

         Test Your Brakes After Repair

         Torsion Bar Hazards

         Torch Safety

         Use of Gas Heaters

         Welding Hazards

         Working on High Pressure Hoses Wear Eye Protection

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