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MSHA's Safety Targets Program
Operating Surface Equipment (Metal/Nonmetal)
Safety Awareness


Association of Equipment Manufacturers Task Training Supplement: Braking Safely With Off-Highway Dump Trucks


DVD Truck Haulage Safety Series (On DVD our visit MSHA's Web Site)

             Brakes, Grades, and Runaways - Highway Trucks

             Brakes, Grades, and Runaways - Off-Road Trucks

             Highway Haulage Truck Inspection

             Inspection of Off-Road Haulage Trucks

             Pre-Operational Inspection of Highway Haulage Trucks

             Pre-Operational Inspection of Off-Road Haulage Trucks

             Visibility and Communications: Off-Road and Highway Trucks


Best Practices -


Best Practices Poster - Trucks Use Lower Gears


         May 1, 2000

         June 19, 2000

         October 31, 2000

         November 8, 2000

         July 4, 2001

         October 4, 2001

         September 10, 2002

         July 30, 2005

         August 13, 2005

         September 13, 2005

         November 4, 2005

         July 15, 2006

         April 25, 2007

         July 24, 2007


Service Bulletin - CAT Service Program Notification for Off-Highway CAT trucks


Construction Equipment Alert - VOLVO, Obstruction of Air at Inlet Side of Air Cleaner Cap


Small Mines Toolbox Talks Pickup Truck Safety

Operating Service Pickup Trucks

Miner's Tips

  • Equipment Safety and Health Concerns

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