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MSHA's Safety Targets Program
Roof and Rib Falls (Coal)

Best Practices and Safety Initiative Bulletins

Best Practice Cards

         BP-24 Extended Cuts Remote Control Miners

         BP-25 Remote Control Miners

         BP-26 Roof Evaluation and Examination

         BP-27 Retreat Mining

         BP-28 Roof Bolting

         BP-29 Moving to a New Location, Mine or Job

         BP-45 Roof and Rib Safety in Coal Mines

Safety Initiative Bulletins

         Ground Control for Deep Cover Coal Mines

Preventive Roof/Rib Outreach Program (PROP)

         Retreat Mining - Flyer

         2009 Press Release

         Billboard Used in 2009

Previous PROP Safety Initiative Material

         Roof & Rib fatalities - Flyer

         Mobile Roof Supports (MRS) - Flyer

         Pulling Pillars (Retreat Mining) - Flyer

         Bulletin #1 (2006) - Always Examine and Correct Hazardous Roof/Rib Conditions

         Bulletin #2 (2006) - Talking Points

         Bulletin #3 (2006) - Trim the Top

         Bulletin #4 (2006) - Control the Immediate Roof

         Bulletin #1 (2005) - PROP Best Practices

         Bulletin #2 (2005) - Red Zone Best Practices

         Bulletin #3 (2005) - Red Zone Safety

         Bulletin #4 (2005) - PROP Hazard Alert

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