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MSHA's Safety Targets Program
Roof and Rib Falls (Coal)

Info-Grams And Close Call Accidents

District 5

         Near Miss Rib Fall

         Near Miss Roof Fall on Shuttle Car and Canopy.

District 7

         February 2002 Roof Fall

District 8

         Roof Fall on Bolter in Crosscut

         Roof Falls at Rib and Strikes Employee

         Miner Injured by Roof Fall from Between Bolts

         Roof Fall Traps Two Miners

         Roof Fall On Scoop

         Rib Fall

         Injury from Falling Draw-Rock

         Expansion Shell/Resin Assisted Roof Bolt Alert Bulletin

         Roof Control Safety What Can You Do?

         Roof Fall Accident 3 Miners - Near Miss

         ATRS - Roof Fall

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