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MSHA's Safety Targets Program
Surge Pile Safety Awareness
In 2000 and again in 2004, the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) conducted a nationwide campaign to raise safety awareness at all surge pile operations. Although there have been no fatalities since 1999, MSHA is again launching a campaign for the following reasons:
  • Like all job classifications, dozer operating can be rotational.
  • Periodically, all dozer operators should be re-alerted to the inherent hazards of working on or around surge piles.
  • Many new dozer operators have been hired since 2004.
  • Many dozer operators were working in other job classifications in 2004 and may not be aware of this information package.
This information is being supplied to increase hazard awareness when operating dozers on surge piles. Every dozer operator who works at a surge pile operation should be given this information to help the mining industry meet their safety goals of zero accidents. Additionally, Mine Operators should review this information and consider adopting the most appropriate safety measures for their surgepile operations.

Please read this information, learn about accidents involving dozers on surge piles and about measures you can take to prevent yourself from being involved in a similar accident. The life you save may be your own.

Please share this information with your co-workers and discuss it at safety meetings. If you have questions or need additional copies of this information, please contact Michael Getto by phone
at 304 547 2303 or by email at

    MSHA provides the attached information to enhance public awareness of mine safety and health issues. Manufacturer, product, and service information contained within the "Surge Pile Safety Awareness" packet does not constitute promotion, endorsement, or advertising by MSHA. The information is intended as examples that demonstrate product and service availability and use. MSHA recognizes that other companies may provide similar products and services.

    Please note, due to the extensive nature of the content found on the CD's and/or DVD's we are providing you with a sample of what may be found. If you are interested in the entire content, please see the contact information above.

 Surge Pile Safety Awareness

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