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MSHA held a stakeholder meeting on July 11, 2012. The topics discussed were technology developments, accomplishments, and the future of mine rescue, and a report on MSHA's evaluation of Rules to Live By I.

Below is a list of the PowerPoint presentations and video clips that were viewed during the meeting.


  • Presentation 1 - MSHA Mine Emergency Response Gaps: Accomplishments and The Way Forward
  • Presentation 2 - New Technologies For Mine Rescue
  • Presentation 3 - Improving and Preserving Mine Rescue, Assistant Secretary Joe Main
  • Presentation 4 - Rules to Live By - I
  • Presentation 5 - Alerts
  • Video Clips

  • BMX Exercise - John Urosek
  • Command Center Overview - John Urosek
  • Smart Board Communication System - John Urosek
  • Smart Board Communication System Mine Map Demo - John Urosek
  • Smart Board Communication System Robot Deployment - John Urosek
  • Command Center Seismic Information Demo - John Urosek
  • For more information on the new technology developments, below is a link to a video from a mine emergency response drill held at the Consol BMX with the State of Pennsylvania that shows the equipment in use: