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    Accident Prevention Program
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    See Clip Dump Point Safety: Stockpiles and Waste Piles (Coal)* See Clip Seguridad en los puntos de descarga: pilas de almacenaje y de desperdicio (Carbon)*
    See Clip Electrical Safety - "Pathway to Safety"*  
    See Clip Fall Protection: Your Lifeline to Safety* See Clip Protección contra caìdas: Su l�nea de vida hacia la seguridad*
    See Clip Good Berms Save Lives (MNM)* See Clip Las bermas adecuadas salvan vidas*
    See Clip Lockout and Tag! (Electrical Safety)* See Clip Make It Safer With Roof Screen*
    See Clip No Big Deal! (Highwall Safety)* See Clip Nada del Otro Mundo (Seguridad de pared alta)*
    See Clip "One Good Turn" - Continuous Miner Safety See Clip Overhead Wire Safety - "Mark the Line"
    See Clip Preventing Ignitions and Explosions See Clip Reducing Dust Inside Enclosed Cabs
    See Clip Rock Falls - Preventing Rock Fall Injuries in Underground Mines*  
    See Clip "Safe & Easy Lubrication" - Octopus System See Clip Safety Props*
    See Clip "SLAM" Risks* See Clip Slips, Trips, and Falls*
    See Clip Slope and Shaft Inspections*  
    See Clip Stay in the Cab and Keep it on! (Seat Belts)* See Clip "Strap the Beams!"
    See Clip Supervising the Unimaginable* See Clip Take the Keys!*
    See Clip The Choice Is Yours - Reflective Clothing* See Clip The Right Choice*
    See Clip "Using a Drip Pan to Capture the Crumbs" See Clip What Could Happen - Effective Risk Assessment*
    See Clip Visibility & Communications - Off Road & Highway Trucks See Clip Visibilidad y Comunicaciones: Camiones que Se Manejan Fuera de la Carreteara y Sobre la Carretera*
    See Clip What You Can't See Could Kill Someone!* See Clip �Lo que no ve puede matar a alguien!*
    See Clip Winter Alert* See Clip Alerta en los meses de invierno*
    See Clip Workplace Examinations* See Clip Inspecion De Las Areas De Trabajo De Las Minas De Metales Y No Metales*
    See Clip "Working Near the Edge!"  
    Accident Prevention Program - Testimonials
     Click on Icon to View Clip  Click on Icon to View Clip
    See Clip Inundation of Water and Ignition - Eyewitness Account*  
    See Clip Protective Canopy (A Survivor's Story)* See Clip Cabina protectora (Historia de un superviviente)*
    See Clip Reason for Change (Canopy Save)* See Clip Un motivo para cambiar (la cabina salvadora)*
    See Clip Surge Pile Survivor*