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The following products were approved or certified during October 2003, and have been added to the Mine Safety and Health Administration's list of permissible equipment.

The following products were approved as having met Part 7, Title 30 CFR.

1. Diesel Engine, Model QSB-C240. Approval No. 7B-099-0, issued to Cummins Inc., Box 3005, Columbus, Indiana 47201, October 3, 2003.

2. Diesel Engine, Model S4S. Approval No. 07-ENA030001-0, issued to Mitsubishi Engine North America, Inc., 1250 Greenbriar Drive, Suite E, Addison, Illinois 60101, October 22, 2003.

3. Frame 16460 Motor. Approval No. 07-JA030001-0, issued to Oldenburg Lake Shore, Oldenburg Group, Inc., 900 W. Breitung Avenue, Kingsford, Michigan 59802, October 3, 2003.

The following product was approved or certified as having met Part 18, Title 30 CFR.

1. Model J100 LED Flashing Signal Lamp. Approval No. 18-A030001-0, issued to Falconer Electronics, Inc., 421 West Everett Street, Falconer, New York 14733, October 31, 2003.


The following product should have been listed in the "List of Approved Products, 03-09-A&CC".

1. Longwall Mining System. Approval No. 2G-4157A-0, issued to Eastern Associated Coal Corporation, Federal No. 2 Mine, 1044 Miracle Run Road, Fairview, West Virginia 26570, June 2, 2003.

The following product should have been listed in the "List of Approved Products, 03-11-A&CC".

1. Model 911118 Infrared Keypad Encoder. Approval No. 2G-4168-0, issued to Conspec Controls, 9056 Marshall Court Westminster, Colorado 80031, August 7, 2003.


Steven J. Luzik

Steven J. Luzik

Chief, Approval and Certification Center