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The following products were approved or certified during March 2004, and have been added to the Mine Safety and Health Administration's list of permissible equipment.

The following products were approved as having met Part 7, Title 30 CFR.

1. MD2000-22 oz Brattice Cloth. Approval No. 07-BA040002-0, issued to Vintex, Inc., One Mount Forest Drive, Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada NOG 2L2, March 19, 2004. 2. Type 68-125-17, Battery Assembly. Approval No. 07-CA040001-0, issued to Crown Battery Manufacturing Company, 1034 Executive Drive, Gibsonia, Pennsylvania 15044, March 5, 2004.

3. RSCC Global Instrumentation Cable. Approval No. 07-KA040003-0, issued to Rockbestos-Surprenant, 20 Bradley Park Road, East Granby, Connecticut 06026, March 11, 2004.

The following product was evaluated as having met Part 35, Title 30 CFR.

1. Condat SH4 B Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid Concentrate. Evaluation No. 35A040001, issued to Condat SA, BP16, 38670 CHASSE SUR RHONE, FRANCE, March 30, 2004.


Steven J. Luzik

Chief, Approval and Certification Center