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Technical Assistance to
Mine Equipment Repair/Rebuild Facilities

The Approval & Certification Center's Quality Assurance Division (QA&MTD) will give technical assistance to mine equipment repair/rebuild facilities by providing appropriate product information during the repair/rebuild process. The QA&MTD staff will be available to answer questions by phone, fax, E-mail, or in person so facilities can properly repair/rebuild approved equipment. We will assist in the enhancement of safety of the miners in the following ways:

* We will assist manufacturers, mine operators and other facilities that repair/rebuild approved products to MSHA-approved condition.

* We will ensure that personnel who repair/rebuild approved equipment are adequately trained. QA&MTD specialists are available to provide on-site training on the permissibility requirements for underground mining equipment. We will also make sure they have access to non-proprietary information needed to restore mining equipment to MSHA-approved condition.

* When requested, we will conduct on-site approval configuration audits to verify that the equipment conforms to the approved design. For more information concerning the repaired or rebuilt equipment, please contact: