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Borax Visitor Center
Boron, California
Borax Visitor Center

Go back millions of years to when the deposit was being formed... and to the last century to learn how the discovery of borax brought the company to Death Valley and how the company brought Death Valley to the world.

Or fast-forward to the present to watch real mining operations in action. the Center offiers front-row seats overlooking California's largest mine and refinery.

Borax Visitor Center Forget about pick-axes and pans - the Borax Visitor Center lets you explore the modern tools of the trade: from dynamite and satellites used in mining, to multimillion-gallon vats used in refining, to the fleet of trucks, rail cars, barges and supertankers that move our minerals around the world.

Borax Visitor Center Come see the original twenty mule team wagons that carried borax through the lowest, hottest, driest desert in America. Get a look at the mammoth machines used today to haul ore out of the pit and around the planet.

During normal hours of operation, the Visitor Center is open seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding major holidays and weather permittting.
     *excluding major holidays and weather permitting

Motorcycles: $1.00
Automobiles: $2.00
Buses: $10.00

Parking is accessible to recreational vehicles.
Admission is free to organized school groups and curent or retired Borax employees. All admission fees are donated to local charities.

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