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Our gratitude to Mr. Donald Ray Burger, Attorney at Law, (e-mail) for his work in providing this information for you.

Argo Gold Mill Complex
Idaho Springs, Colorado (303) 567-2421
The Argo is one of the more famous stamp mills in Colorado. The tour is largely self-guided. One can wander freely around the stamp mill. There is also a hard rock mine called the Double Eagle in the Argo complex. The Double Eagle mine is a short tunnel higher up the mountain. Not much is there beyond the tunnel. Unfortunately, not much was there for the miners in the 1890s either.

Edgar Mine
Colorado Avenue & 8th Street
Idaho Springs, Colorado
(303) 567-2421
This mine is used as an underground classroom for students of the Colorado School of Mines. The students give the mine tours. This is a modern mine and one gets to see how mining techniques have evolved over the years. The mine tourguides are not professionals, but I found this tour to be very educational. I recommend it for those interested in seeing state-of-the-art mining techniques.

National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum
120 W. 9th Street
Leadville, Colorado
(719) 486 1229
This museum is located in a former Victorian school building at the western edge of Leadville. The museum has self-guided tours. Good examples of mining artifacts are present. This place has the atmosphere of a museum, as opposed to a mine, even though there is a small mock-up of a mining tunnel.