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World Museum of Mining
Butte, Montana

World Museum of Mining - Old Town picture The purpose of the World Museum of Mining is to preserve a segment of American history which has heretofore been neglected, and to bring to the people a realization of the glorious heritage which is theirs.

Charterd in 1964 as a non-profit educational corporation, the Museum first opened its doors in July of 1965. The site, an inactive silver and zinc mine named the Orphan Girl, includes some 22 acres of land.

World Museum of Mining - Old Mine picture

Thousands of articles common to the mines and the miner's way of life are found in the numerous exhibits both indoors and out.

Hell Roarin' Gulch, with its general store, assay office, saloon, drug store and soda fountain, to name a few, offers many exhibits of yesteryear that are of interest to all ages. Walk the cobble-stoned streets, with over 37 businesses represented.

For more information, visit their web site.