Part 46 Training Pamphlet
New Training Requirements for Surface Non-Metal Mines

New tasks bring new responsibilities AND new hazards. Miners assigned to new tasks must receive training in the safe and healthy work procedures specific to their task. Some miners have special skills -- drillers and blasters, for example. These workers move from mine to mine as a regular part of their employment. Not all sites are identical -they may use different equipment or be in a different stage of the mining process. Miners who roam must receive orientation about the hazards at the mines where they will be working, in addition to the comprehensive training that independent contractors or production-operators must provide. Annual reminders are an easy and effective way to keep workers focused on their jobs and how to perform them without risking injury or illness. All miners must receive no less than a total of 8 hours of refresher training every year. If you hold safety talks, keep track of the time-  those minutes add up and can fulfill the 8-hour requirement. Part 46 gives you the flexibility to design a training program that will be effective for the miners at your operation. A new employee may have never worked at a mine before. Mining may even be his or her first job! New miners must receive a total of 24 hours of new miner training within 90 days of beginning work. Four hours of training on specific topics, such as an introduction to the worksite, must be given before they begin work. A new but experienced employee may have worked at another mine, but he or she is new to your operation. Not all work sites are the same. In fact, most differ in some way. Newly-hired experienced miners must receive training in the same subjects required for new miners - such as an introduction to your worksite - before they begin work. They also must receive instruction in additional subjects no later than 60 days after beginning work.