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Guidance for Adjusting a Part 48 Training Plan
to Meet the Requirements of Part 46

A mine operator or independent contractor (you) who is currently conducting part 48 training can easily adjust their training plan to address the new part 46 training requirements. The following changes must be made to a part 48 training plan to comply with the requirements of part 46:
  1. Designate and list in the plan a competent person who will teach each subject, including task training;

  2. List the approximate time or range of time that will be spent on each subject area listed on your training plan; and

  3. Describe the evaluation procedures used to determine the effectiveness of all required safety and health training.
Part 46 requires you to maintain copies of all training certificates and records for each currently employed miner during his or her employment. The exception to this is records or certificates of annual refresher training which are only required to be retained for two years.

The person designated in the part 46 training plan for the mine as responsible for health and safety training must certify that the training was completed.