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 1. Haul Roads
 2. Berms
 3. Signs
 4. Dumping

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In this fatal mine accident scene
you’re looking at the foreman’s red
pickup truck. The large truck in the
background was the truck that ran
over the pickup. The sequence of
events began with the foreman
driving the pickup truck. He called
the haul truck driver and said that he
was going to relieve him. The
foreman was going to drive the large
truck for a while. He pulled up to the
large truck, parked at its right front
corner, walked around the large
truck, and entered the driver's
compartment. The regular truck driver went down and had just gotten into the pickup truck when the foreman took off and ran over the pickup that he had just parked. Because he couldn’t see the pickup, he forgot about it. Even the flag on the pickup’s "buggy whip" did not alert the foreman.
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