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 1. Haul Roads
 2. Berms
 3. Signs
 4. Dumping

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    These are what we sometimes
    call "New Jersey barriers."
    They’re usually made of
    concrete, and are often used
    along interstate highways and at
    construction areas. They operate
    on the same principle as an
    earth berm. When a tire strikes
    this berm it tries to penetrate.
    Since this is made out of a hard
    material, usually concrete, the
    tire cannot penetrate so it starts
    the climbing action earlier. As it
    starts climbing, if it doesn’t
    have enough momentum to carry
    it all the way over, the barrier
    will redirect the tire back into
    the roadway. You’ve probably
noticed black marks on these along the highways where large highway trucks have hit them. The tire tried to climb over, couldn’t get all the way over it, so these devices directed the trucks back into the lane of traffic.
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