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New Miner/New Hire Training

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Mine Type: All Mines
Category: Training

Training a new miner, a newly hired experienced miner, or any miner assigned to a task in which they have no previous experience is very important. These statistics for 2011 illustrate that importance.

New Miner Training

Mine Operators should consider adopting more training programs that emphasize the tasks and activities new miners will be performing. Whether a miner is new to the industry or is experienced and new to the mine, there may be inherent dangers associated with geological conditions, different types of equipment used or specific practices of which these miners may not be aware.

Part 46/48 Training Makes a Difference Trainers should identify the potential hazards associated with each activity and assure each miner is provided the needed training. Additional training could include more classroom instruction combined with the use of mentors. Periodic observations of work practices by supervisors during this time are also recommended.

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Issued: 1/27/2012
Tag # AP2012- 100729