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Stay Seen — Stay Alive

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Mine Type: All Surface Mines - All Mills and Plants
Category: Mobile Equipment - Haulage and Transportation
Stay Seen - Stay Alive During January 2000 - July 2011, there have been 76 fatalities due to miners being hit by surface and underground equipment. In addition to assuring proper communication between equipment operators and miners, miners and visitors should be highly visible with the use of reflective material on the clothing and hardhats.

Surface Best Practices:

  1. Use strobe lights or flags on smaller passenger vehicles to assure operators of large equipment can readily see them. (see link)
  2. Minimize situations where smaller vehicles need to approach large mobile equipment (e.g., arrange for haul truck drivers to have supplies available at the pre-shift meeting place, rather than having supplies delivered to the truck).
  3. Wear reflective clothing which is highly visible (360 degrees) when the arms are up or down or when the body is in any position and even on top of hard hat.
  4. All individuals in the work area should use two-way radio or other effective means communication.
Stay Seen - Stay Alive Underground Best Practices:
  1. Always wear reflective clothing to ensure high visibility including suitable hard hats with at least six square inches of reflective material on each side and back.
  2. Notify the equipment operator of your intentions and get confirmation prior to moving to other areas around the equipment or leaving the work area.
  3. Communicate your position to equipment operators. Before entering an area you normally would not enter, let the equipment operator know you are there and get acknowledgement you are seen.

To be safe around all mobile equipment, the equipment operator must know where you are. Therefore, you should use any and all methods of communication to ensure this. Mine operators need to ensure their employees can BE SEEN AND STAY ALIVE.

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Issued: 10/11/2011
Tag # AP2011- 100133