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Proximity Detection/Collision Warning Information from Technical Support

Proximity Detection

MSHA and the mining industry have worked together to develop potentially life-saving technology that can be installed on mining machines to stop their motion and/or send a warning signal when a person or object is detected in its path. These proximity detection systems are increasingly being installed on mining equipment in surface and underground mines to prevent crushing or pinning accidents.

Proximity detection systems approved for use in underground coal mines

The following systems have been approved for use in underground coal mines by MSHA to meet the "permissibility" requirements in Title 30 Code of Federal Regulations (30 CFR) Part 18. (MSHA approval indicates only that MSHA has determined that the system is not a spark or thermal ignition hazard in a potentially explosive atmosphere. The approval does not address system performance.)

Other systems not approved for use in underground coal mines

In addition, the following manufacturers have developed proximity detection and collision warning systems for use in surface mines and metal and non-metal underground mines. Although their products have not been approved by MSHA, we include this information to assist the mining industry in evaluating the technology and making informed decisions. Inclusion of this information on the MSHA website should not be construed as endorsement of these products.

Additional Information

For further information on Proximity Detection Systems and current research, please contact Technical Supports Patrick Retzer for equipment approvals, at and Matthew Wharry for equipment implementation, at