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Mine Water Inundation Alert!

To prevent an inundation in underground mines,
the following Best Practices are recommended:

  • Consider all mine workings (active and abandoned) located adjacent, above or below mining areas; determine location of workings and water levels. De-water mine workings if necessary

  • Perform a diligent search for the final, dated, and signed maps of old workings in mines above, below, or adjacent to mining areas.

  • Gather information about mining in old or abandoned mines by interviewing local sources, former miners, and walk or examine outcrops.

  • Attention to surface subsidence and geological structures; rock strata make-up, dip and pitch of the seam, elevations, and faults.

  • Prudent mine design; provide sufficient barrier pillars and evaluate interburden thickness; compare mine surveys from a common base line.

  • Consider the use of directional, long-hole drilling to ensure adequate barriers around mining areas.

  • In coal mines, drill bore holes in advance of mining activities as prescribed in regulation 75.388. If necessary, submit plan for mining into inaccessible areas as outlined in regulation 75.389.

  • As required, submit permit for "Operations under Water;" regulations 75.1716 through 75.1716-4.