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Incident Description

  • This incident happened on Monday the 29th of September 2003. A fitter with a work van left an E size Oxygen and Acetylene cylinder on the back seat of a Toyota dual cab over the weekend. The Acetylene cylinder valve was not fully closed and a leak occurred.

  • Over the weekend the Acetylene accumulated in the van. On Monday morning the fitter approached the van and opened the door, a large explosion took place. The ignition may have been caused by either the internal light circuitry, the automatic door control, mobile phone which was on the front seat of the van, or lighting a cigarette. The fitter was also a smoker. He has damage to his ear drums and facial damage. As you can see by the attached photo he was very lucky. Don't let safety be something you learn by accident.
  • Best Practices

  • Compressed and liquid gas cylinders shall be secured in a safe manner. 30 CFR 77.208 (d).

  • Materials that can create hazards if accidentally liberated from their containers shall be stored in a manner that minimizes the danger. (Never store cylinders in an enclosed vehicle or area.) 30 CFR 77.208 (b).

  • DOL - Mine Safety and Health Administration