Loveridge Mine Fire - A Chronology of Events

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Week of August 2, 1999

The injection of the concrete/fly ash material into the three boreholes near the St. Leo shaft was completed at 12:50 p.m. on July 13. The total amount of material injected was approximately 990 tons. Nitrogen and carbon dioxide injection ceased on July 14. The total volume injected was approximately 62,122,000 cubic feet of nitrogen and 13,753,535 cubic feet of carbon dioxide.

Continuous Infrared Monitoring (IR) ceased on July 14. All activites at the mine is minimal except for gas samples which continue to be collected at specific boreholes and shafts. However, these samples are now being analyzed in the PS&HTC laboratories. The gas analysis and IR trucks were both returned to the Pittsburgh Safety and Health Technology Center (PS&HTC).

Pressure measurements made at St. Leo Shaft indicated the shaft to be intaking as much as 1 inch of water gage. In order to impede the amount of air entering the shaft due to leakage around the seal, a tarp was placed over the seal covering the opening of the shaft. Sand was used as a weight in order to keep the tarp in place.

Recent results of a sample taken at the 5 Left Borehole indicated: Oxygen - 0.31%, Methane - 38.21%, Carbon Dioxide - 8.30%, Carbon Monoxide - 1300 ppm, and Hydrogen - 120 ppm.

There will be no further updates until the mine operator begins recovery operations.

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