Willow Creek Mine Fire - A Chronology of Events

MSHA - Willow Creek Fire Image
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Week of January 31, 1999

Mine rescue teams re-entered the mine and successfully completed the exploration, recovery and re-ventilation of the D Seam Bleeder Entries from the No. 9 to the No. 21 Crosscut. In addition, the teams explored to the No. 33 Crosscut of the D Seam Bleeder Entries and part of the connectors between the bleeder entries and the D-1 Tailgate Entries. The fire area was effectively isolated from the rest of the mine with explosion resistant seals in the D-1 Northwest Tailgate Entries and the D-1 Northwest Headgate Entries and with substantial stoppings in the D Seam Bleeder Entries. Prior to exploration, the horizontal in-mine degasification system was extended into the D-1 Tailgate Entries and the extension into the D Seam Bleeder Entries was disconnected.

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