Willow Creek Mine Fire - A Chronology of Events

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Week of February 21, 1999

Mine rescue teams re-entered the mine and successfully completed reventilation of the D Seam Bleeders from crosscut No. 40 to the faces of the development section. Explosion resistant seals were completed in the No. 3 entry between crosscuts No. 30 and 31, and in the connectors between the Bleeder and Longwall Tailgate at crosscuts No. 37 and 38.

Seals were breached in the Longwall Tailgate and exploration of the Tailgate entries was completed to crosscut No. 25. Damage to the belt conveyor was evident, as well as falls in the return entry due to heat exposure. Reventilation was completed to crosscut No 21. Due to the conditions encountered, permanent seals were being contructed at week's end just inby crosscut No. 21. These seals will complete the initial recovery and resealing effort.

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