Willow Creek Mine Fire - A Chronology of Events

MSHA - Willow Creek Fire Image
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Weeks of February 28, 1999 and March 7, 1999

The seals were completed just inby crosscut No. 21 in the D-1 tailgate entries. Electrical power was then advanced in the D-1 tailgate. After advancing power, mine rescue teams continued the assessment of the D-1 tailgate entries within the sealed area. This was accomplished first by accessing the tailgate via the seals in the D-1 headgate and traveling across the longwall face. Upon reaching the tailgate the teams traveled outby, exploring back to the No. 30 crosscut. The teams then finished exploration of the tailgate entries by entering through the D-1 tailgate seals and exploring inby to the No. 30 crosscut. Roof falls and extensive heat damage were apparent in the D-1 tailgate No.1 entry, but the No.2 entry was travelable from the D-1 seals to the longwall face

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