Willow Creek Mine Fire - A Chronology of Events

MSHA - Willow Creek Fire Image
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March 14 thru March 28 , 1999

Since the No.2 entry of the D-1 tailgate was discovered travelable from the D-1 seals to the longwall face, Willow Creek Mine personnel began isolating the D-1 Tailgate No.1 entry from the No.2 entry with pumpable, cementitious foam explosion resistant seals. A "packwall" was being erected in the No.2 entry to provide both an intake and a return to advance ventilation. Mine personnel had installed the pumpable seals in Nos. 22 and 23 crosscuts. A solid block seal was then installed in the No. 2 entry between crosscuts Nos. 22 and 23. Recovery efforts were suspended to resume mining March 26-28 in the D-2 and Northeast Mains sections for the first time since the fire was discovered.

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