West Elk Mine Thermal Event

As of April 2, 2000

West Elk Photo
Borehole Location Diagram
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Officials of the Mountain Coal Company's West Elk Mine, located near Somerset, Colorado, are continuing to work to identify and confine the fire area. Additional boreholes (Holes AA, C, L, Q, Q2, T, Y and Z2) have been drilled into the B West Mains and 5th NW Headgate. A remote camera was dropped into these holes to assess conditions underground. The fire area is believed to be located between the Holes at Q, Z2, and V2 and the B West Mains. Remote plugs, formed by the injection of a concrete mixture through boreholes, were placed at Holes Q, Z2, and V2 in order to provide a bulkhead for flooding the area between the plugs and the B West Mains.

Boreholes continue to be drilled into the area. Drilling rigs are currently set-up on holes 6-A, Z3, and V4. Boreholes are planned to be drilled at locations identified as 44, 45, 46, and 6-B on the map.
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