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District 3 - Coal Mine Safety and Health

Health: On-Shift Training

The District 3 Health Group has developed a respirable dust on-shift training program to assist miners and mine operators in understanding the requirements of the respirable dust on-shift standard [30 CFR 75.363(a)(2)]. A Power Point presentation has been developed for best practices in longwall dust control, continuous miner dust control, roof bolter dust control, and the requirements of the respirable dust on-shift standard. Upon request from the mine operator, members of the health group will visit the mine and provide training on the respirable dust on-shift standard, best practices for respirable dust control, the requirements of the operator's mine ventilation plan, or any combination of the listed subjects. This training is meant to disseminate to the mine operator and the persons responsible for conducting the respirable dust on-shift examination what MSHA looks for as we examine the dust control parameters of equipment for compliance with the mine ventilation plan. Each session is conducted in a manner that allows participation during the presentation and a question and answer session concludes the presentation. These presentations have been conducted at three underground mines thus far and have been very well received. Should you have any questions or wish to schedule respirable dust on-shift training for your mine, please contact William Spens, Health Supervisor, at (304) 225-6825.