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District 5 - Coal Mine Safety and Health
Hazard Alert - Longwall Conveyors

Longwall Face


Longwall conveyors have been involved in one (1) death and four (4) permanently disabling injuries in the mining industry since 1990. The Mine Safety and Health Administration would like to urge everyone to join us in promoting awareness regarding hazards encountered when working near longwall face conveyors. The fact that mining is performed in a narrow, confined passageway often requires personnel to work in close proximity to the cutting bits of the shear. Mobile equipment that can be moved independently across the longwall face introduces additional hazards. The high velocity of air directed across the longwall face and by-products of mining create hazards by restricting visibility. Exposure to roof and face sloughing can present other inherent dangers to miners. All mine personnel should be on guard to these conditions when working in longwall face areas. To avoid injuries, MSHA recommends you adhere to the following best practices.

Best Practices