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District 5 - Coal Mine Safety and Health
Hazard Alert - Methane Explosion

Hazard Alert Message

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Coal miners need to be aware, that according to some studies, mine explosions are more likely to happen when: the barometer is falling either in advance of a cold front or at the time a cold front passes; that the greatest number of explosions have occurred on days that cold fronts pass; and that methane drawn out by drops in barometric pressure can be ignited several days later. Expanding gases (occurring when methane leaks through cracks in seals, surrounding rock strata, or with malfunctioning bleeder systems) can flow from abandoned areas into active working places. While an explosion does not occur each time the barometer falls or a cold front passes, the danger of an explosion is increased - so, BE ALERT. Proper maintenance of the mine's ventilation system is important but especially during the winter months. Some ventilation factors requiring attention include: