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District 5 - Coal Mine Safety and Health

A Near Miss

Sketch of Man Pinned Between Scoop and Rock Dust Pallet

A serious accident recently occurred at an underground mine in District 5. The accident occurred at a battery charging station outby an active working section and involved a scoop. A utility man stopped the scoop near a pallet of rock dust and heard the automatic parking brake engage. He climbed off the scoop and walked around to the battery end of the scoop to begin loading rock dust. The scoop, with one wheel on a small bump, rolled backward approximately two to three feet until the pallet of rock dust stopped it. The individual was caught between the scoop and pallet, resulting in fractures to both legs. He was unable to free himself. The section foreman traveled outby to look for the employee, and upon locating him, moved the scoop and began first aid and transport activities.