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District 5 - Coal Mine Safety and Health

A Near Miss

A miner received crushing injuries to both of his legs when he became pinned between two shuttle cars. The victim parked the No .1 Shuttle Car in the No. 3 Entry at an angle. He walked into the entry to determine the location of the continuous mining machine. The No. 2 Shuttle Car traveled up the No. 4 Entry and turned into the crosscut toward the continuous mining machine. The victim was turned away from the No. 2 Shuttle Car and did not see it. The No. 2 driver did not see the victim and pinned his legs between the shuttle cars. Both drivers had turned their headlights toward the outby direction, away from the continuous mining machine.

The victim was given first aid and transported to the surface. He was then transported by Med-Flight to a local hospital. He was treated for fractures in both legs and is in stable condition.

Drawing of the Accident
Best Practices