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District 7 - Coal Mine Safety and Health
Technical Division Personnel


Dennis Cotton, Assistant District Manager
Michelle Abner, Secretary


Randall Lewis, Supervisor
Charles E. Broughton, MS&H Spec. (Jacksboro)
Timothy F. Carter, Electrical Engineer
Sean G. Davenport, MS&H Specialist (Harlan)
Harry Hall, MS&H Specialist
Martin E. Holbrook, MS&H Specialist (Hazard)
John W. Lawson, MS&H Specialist (Harlan)
Patrick A. Stanfield, MS&H Specialist (Hazard)
Michael D. Walker, Electrical Engineer


Randy P. Kline, Supervisor
Robert F. Ashworth, MS&H Specialist (Hazard)
Willa J. Ferguson, Physical Science Technician
Wendill Fuson, MS&H Specialist
Peggy M. Langley, MS&H Specialist
James A. Lundy, MS&H Specialist
Tom D. Middleton, MS&H Spec. (Harlan)
Angel L. Partin, Secretary
Grady Russell, Industrial Hygienist
Michael R. Timperio, Physical Science Technician

Ryan K. O'Boyle, Supervisor
John C. Boylen, MS&H Specialist
Argus Brock, MS&H Specialist
Kevin L. Doan, Mining Engineer (Harlan)
Mark Heiser, Mining Engineer
Robert S. Roark, Civil Engineer
Ricky L. Suffridge, MS&H Specialist (Hazard)
Crystal Yother, Secretary


Charles J. Maggard, Supervisor
Arthur D. Jackson, MS&H Specialist (Harlan)
Carla B. Marcum, MS&H Specialist/Geologist
Brian M. Napier, MS&H Specialist (Hazard)
James T. Proffitt, Mining Engineer
Jason E. Snell, Secretary
John M. Tagge, Mining Engineer
Edward F. Taylor, MS&H Specialist (Jacksboro)

3837 S. U.S. Hwy. 25E
Barbourville, Kentucky 40906
Phone: (606)546-5123
Located at the Junction of Rt 1304 and Cumberland Gap Parkway,
3 miles South of Barbourville on US 25E.