Mine Safety and Health Administration Data Retrieval System - Operator History Information
MSHA's Data Retrieval System (DRS) is based on the history of each mine. Many mines have been owned by more than one operator during their histories. We are now providing you with the "Operator History" for each of the mine searches you do. This information will help you find more "operator specific" information. For further explanation, please use the link labeled "How do I use this information? Click Here" found at the bottom of the Operator History window. The operator history window will be on all pages after this one.

For previous operators, enter the start and end dates in the boxes provided on the "Report Selection Page" (first page you hit after entering Mine ID). This will limit the searches to the time that the previous operator was at the mine.

We are also providing you with the violator name for each of the citations and orders in any of our detailed violation reports. To further help, there is a note indicating who is the current operator of the mine and when they started. This note is located at the top of all data tables in the DRS.

Here is an example:

Please Note: MyCoalCompany has been the current operator since 12/15/2005

Now that you have that information, you should be able to indentify what information is associated with an operator. This should help alleviate any confusion. Should you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to email me at ZZMSHA-Webmaster@dol.gov

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