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Mine Safety and Health Administration
Educational Field and Small Mine Services

Educational Field and Small Mine Services (EFSMS) provides assistance in the development and improvement of the health and safety programs of mine operators and contractors in the mining community. The EFSMS specializes in training programs tailored to reduce the number of injuries and illnesses in the mining industry. Additionally, EFSMS evaluates industry instructors to ensure miners receive quality and effective training.

EFSMS staff are located in 35 states and travel to mines and training centers to provide assistance that will strengthen and modernize training.

EFSMS works closely with MSHA District enforcement offices to identify industry needs and provide assistance to mines with safety and health issues.  EFSMS provides assistance to the mining community through outreach initiatives, which are developed in collaboration with MSHA and the mining industry to address current or trending accidents in the mining community.  These programs help mine operators develop or revise training, safety and health programs to address the conditions and hazards specific to their mines. Additionally, EFSMS provides assistance with developing training plans, instructor training (train-the-trainer), evaluating instructors, and training demonstrations using Mobile Safety Training Units.

Services We Provide

  • Providing regulatory assistance
  • Conducting training program analysis
  • Approving Part 46 training plans
  • Providing concentrated assistance to mines with greater need
  • Providing training to miners, managers, and other stakeholders
  • Evaluating and assisting industry instructors to develop and improve their skills
  • Participating in accident investigations and providing expertise on safety and training issues surrounding the accident to determine root causes
  • Forming partnerships with associations and other entities to increase focus on safety and health issues in the industry
  • Assisting with the development and growth of the Joseph A. Holmes Safety Association
  • Providing information at public forums such as health and safety conferences and outreach programs

Weekly ToolBox Talks

A series of weekly ToolBox talks that can be used by small mine operators and others to hold safety and health discussions for their employees at their mining operations. EFSMS hopes these ToolBox talks will help small mine operators and their miners to keep safety and health at the forefront of their daily and weekly activities.

Non-Retaliation Policy

MSHA has a policy that communications with the agency about safety and health regulations or other safety and health related subjects shall not trigger enforcement action. This policy reflects the fact that the agency's objective is to provide assistance to help operators prevent and reduce workplace fatalities, illnesses and injuries.

MSHA Training Center

MSHA has just announced the allocation of over $8 million in federal health and safety training grants. MSHA will be developing a training resource on this site for Part 46 & Part 48 trainers. Click the link above to view more information and join the conversation about the best ways to deliver training that keeps miners safe and healthy.