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Fatality Prevention - Rules to Live By
Rules to Live By II

"Preventing Catastrophic Accidents"

"Rules to Live By" is an initiative to improve the prevention of fatalities in mining.

  • Rules to Live By I: Fatality Prevention - focuses on 24 frequently cited standards (11 in coal mining and 13 in metal/nonmetal mining) that cause or contribute to fatal accidents in the mining industry in 9 accident categories.

  • "Rules to Live By II: Preventing Catastrophic Accidents" (RLB-II) - focuses on 9 standards which were cited during major disasters over the last 10 years, and which contributed to 5 or more fatalities.
  • RLB-II was developed from data gathered by reviewing accidents that resulted in five or more fatalities, as well as incidents caused by fires or explosions that potentially may have resulted in more fatalities.


  • §75.203(a) The method of mining shall not expose any person to hazards caused by excessive widths of rooms, crosscuts and entries, or faulty pillar recovery methods.
  • §75.223(a) Revisions of the roof control plan shall be proposed by the operator when conditions indicate that the plan is not suitable...
  • §75.333(h) All ventilation controls, including seals, shall be maintained to serve the purpose for which they were built
  • §75.337(f) Welding, cutting, and soldering with an arc or flame are prohibited within 150 feet of a seal.
  • §75.360(a)(1) A certified person must make a preshift examination within 3 hours preceding the beginning of any 8-hour interval during which any person is scheduled to work underground.
  • §75.360(b)(3) Preshift examinations shall include the working places, approaches to worked-out areas and ventilation controls on these sections.  The examination shall include tests of the roof, face and rib conditions on these sections and in these areas.
  • §75.370(a)(1) The operator shall develop and follow a ventilation plan approved by the district manager. The plan shall be designed to control methane and respirable dust and shall be suitable to the conditions and mining system at the mine.
  • §75.1504(a) Each miner shall participate in a mine emergency evacuation training and drill once each quarter
  • §75.1505(b) All maps shall be kept up-to-date and any changes shall be shown on the maps by the end of the shift on which the change is made.


    The accident categories for RLB-II are:

  • Mining Methods
  • Explosions
  • Aftermath of a Fire
  • Exams
  • Important Information from the Assistant Secretary

  • Press Release

  • Accident Investigation Reports
  • Priority 9 Standard Report
  • Fatality Occurrence Report - All Fatalities
  • Fatality Summary Report - By State
  • Fatality Summary Report
  • Total Number of Violations Cited by Calendar Year

  • Resources
  • Inspector Online Training - This link will initiate an executable file launching this training program.

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  • Standards and Conditions for Enhanced Enforcement - Coal
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