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Chemicals in the mining industry pose a range of hazards to exposed miners, from mild health effects to death. Some chemicals cause or contribute to chronic health problems, such as heart or kidney disease or cancer. Others cause acute injuries or illnesses such as dermatitis, burns, and poisonings. Some chemicals pose hazards by contributing to fires and explosions. The toll of chemically-related injuries and illnesses in the mining industry can be obscured by years of latency between an exposure to a chemical and the onset of an illness.

MSHA's Hazard Communication Standard, which we have called HazCom, expresses two safety and health principles: miners have a right to know about the chemical hazards where they work and you have a responsibility to know about the chemical hazards at your mine. HazCom requires you to inform miners about chemical hazards.

This single source page will provide you with information and resources regarding HazCom. Please check back for updates.

Your Information

HazCom Compliance Guide
    Hazard Communication for the Mining Industry - 30 CFR Part 47 - Compliance Guide: Common Questions and Answers
Inspection Procedures for HAZCom

HazCom Writer
    NIOSH's HazCom Writer provides individuals responsible for writing a MSHA HazCom written program with software to aid in writing their HazCom program and for identifying hazardous chemicals on site. MSHA�s new HazCom rule (30 CFR Part 47) requires all mines to determine which chemicals are hazardous, write a Hazard Communication Program, label all containers containing hazardous chemicals, keep MSDs' s for all hazardous chemicals, provide HazCom training to employees, and to make the HazCom information available to employees.
MSHA HazCom Requirements and OSHA’s revised HAZCOM Standard
  • Program Policy Letter P13-IV-01
    OSHA’s Revised Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) (29 C.F.R. § 1910.1200) as Compliance with MSHA’s Existing Hazard Communication (HazCom) Standard (30 C.F.R. Part 47)

  • Briefing Materials
    MSHA’s Existing Hazard Communication (HazCom) Standards and OSHA’s Revised Hazard Communication Standard (HCS)
  • HazCom - Telling Miners about Chemical Hazards
    Final Rule as Published in the Federal Register June 21, 2002.
    Interim Final Rule as Published in the Federal Register October 3, 2000.
    Federal Register Document as published in the Federal Register 08/28/2001
    • FedReg Doc. 01-21784
      - Hazard Communication - Interim Final Rule; Delay of Effective Date; Re-opening of Record; Notice of public hearings; Close of Record.
    Hazcom Hearings - Opening Statement
      MSHA is posting its Hazard Communication public hearings opening statement on the web page prior to the hearings for the convenience of the hearing participants and the public commenters in general.
    Hazcom Hearing Transcripts
      MSHA is posting transcripts of its Hazard Communication public hearings on the web page.

    • Washington, D.C. - December 14, 2000
    • Pittsburgh, PA. - September 25, 2001
    • Beaver, WV. - September 27, 2001
    • Irving, TX - October 2, 2001
    • Salt Lake City, UT - October 2, 2001
    • Reno, NV. - October 4, 2001
    • Birmingham, AL. - October 4, 2001
    • Evansville, IN. - October 10, 2001
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