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"Noise Reduction at Anthracite Coal Processing Facilities"

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Rock and wood picking occupations at anthracite coal processing facilities are subject to high noise levels generated by the dumping and the moving of materials on large, metal shaker tables. Where feasible, acoustically treated enclosures should be installed to protect operators from high noise levels and dust. Unfortunately, there is seldom room at these facilities to allow for the installation of such enclosures; therefore other noise control measures must be employed. The following tips highlight some simple methods for reducing rock and wood pickers' noise exposure at these facilities:

Noise Control
  • Install dense barriers (plywood, vinyl or composite acoustical material) between noise sources and operators.

  • Use enclosures around machinery.

  • Cover hard reflective surfaces, such as metal walls and ceilings, with absorptive acoustical material.

  • Noise Control
  • Hang sound baffles made of absorptive acoustical material from ceilings.

  • Line untreated operator's enclosures with absorptive acoustical material.

  • Treat steel screen decks with sound damping material under steel plates, or replace steel screen decking with steel-impregnated rubber plates.

  • Use administrative controls such as periodically alternating personnel working at the rock/wood-picking table.

    Issued: 06/16/2003
    Tag # AP2002-H0002

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